• No app needed

    Neither for you nor for the person who scans your jewelry. Can be scanned with any smartphone

  • Fully customizable

    Chose your jewel style, color and size. Build your landing page and edit your info anytime

  • All features included

    Unlimited sharing, no monthly fee. And we will never ask you for your social media passwords

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Francesca, 21

San Jose, USA

It’s a lot faster to have people I meet to scan my ring than to have them manually add my phone number or my social medias into their phone. They can even directly add me to their contact from a button on my landing page. I love it.

Luke, 27

Birmingham, UK

I work as a freelance barber and I get often asked about my contact information to book an appointment. I used to hand them paper business card, but now I tell them to just scan my necklace. Way cooler, less expensive and environmentally friendly!

Sofia, 17

Toronto, CA

When people notice my ring, they often ask what the QR code is for. I love how it can be an icebreaker and spark conversation with new people!

Frequently Asked Questions

B'LINK Profiles can be easily shared with new acquaintances using the QR code technology built into B'LINK pieces of jewelry.

Nowadays, most smartphones that have cameras can read QR codes.

No, and don't worry, there won't be any unexpected monthly charges either! Use all of our functions without spending an extra dime.

B'LINK doesn't need an app to scan or set up; it's entirely web-based. No app is required for the other person, either.

Absolutely! Your profile comes with a “Save contact information” button, which allows your connections to save your contact information to their phones.

Anyone with your profile link, directly or through one of your connections. Since your B'LINK Profile is hosted on our servers, anyone you meet can easily access it and use it to get in touch with you. In other words, it's like your own website.

Our contact form is the best way to get in touch with us. You can also reach us on social media. We typically respond within 24 hours.

Your confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Any information you choose to include in your B'LINK profile remains private and always under your control.

No, we will never ask for your social media passwords. Instead, you simply need to link the URLs for your preferred profiles on your landing page.